Thursday, April 29, 2010

Use Vintage Glass Bicone Beads to Make Vintage Earrings

A beautiful old necklace that breaks can be salvaged. Even though the original piece can no longer be worn, it's possible to make wire jewelry such as vintage earrings using the vintage glass beads. Keepsake jewelry like vintage earrings can be made for several family members using vintage glass beads from a piece of jewelry that once belonged to a relative.
Choose the Vintage Glass Bicone Beads

When selecting beads to use for vintage earrings, the only rule is to choose what will look good. Some vintage glass beads have a finish or design that is no longer produced. These beads are special and provide a unique look to earrings and other vintage jewelry. Paired with complementary new bicone beads, vintage beads can be made into beautiful earrings that will be enjoyed for years.
Gather the Supplies to Make New Vintage Earrings

Technically, earrings made from vintage glass beads are not vintage, but the beads are, which can lend a look that is not easily reproducible when using new beads. Gather the supplies needed to make a pair of vintage earrings:

* an assortment of vintage bicone beads
* new or vintage spacers
* 2 ear wires, fishhook or lever back
* 2 headpins
* round nose pliers
* flat nose pliers
* flush cutter

Make Vintage Earrings

When using vintage glass beads to make wire jewelry like earrings, it's possible to make truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Beadage provides these steps to make simple earrings with a dangle:

1. Put the vintage beads and any spacers on the headpins in the correct arrangement. Be sure to put the beads that will be on the bottom first.
2. Make a 90-degree bend in the headpin using the flat nose pliers to begin forming the loop.
3. Place the round nose pliers on the tail of the headpin and bend the wire around the round part of the pliers to form a simple loop.
4. Where the loop extends past the headpin, snip the excess wire with the flush cutter as close as possible.
5. Use the flat nose pliers to straighten the loop so it is straight, if needed.
6. On the ear wire, open the round hole at the cut by gently moving it to one side with the flat nose pliers to open the hole.
7. Place the headpin dangle through the hole of the ear wire. Close the hole with the flat nose pliers.
8. Repeat this process for the other vintage earring.
9. Arrange the beads according to how they will appear on the earring dangle. Make two sets.

Enjoying Vintage Glass Bicone Beaded Earrings

Vintage glass bicone beads remade into beautiful new earrings can be given as gifts or worn by the one who makes them. When family receive earrings that contain vintage beads from a loved one's necklace or other piece of vintage jewelry, the gift is special and suitable for handing down to the next generation.

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